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Tumulus of Saint Michel

In Carnac, near la Trinité sur Mer, the tumulus of Saint Michel is a imposing megalithic monument that towers the region of Carnac, with at its summit the Chapel of Saint Michel. Archaeological excavations have uncovered many objects exhibited at the Museum of Prehistory Carnac.


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A prehistoric monument...

The tumulus of Saint Michel was built around 4500 B.C.


Due to its dimensions (125 meters long, 60 meters wide and 12 meters high), it is a giant that towers the whole region of Carnac.


The first diggings in 1862, with a series of vertical wells, crossed 8 meters in depth to reach the upper part of the funerary crypt in which magnificent furniture were discovered.


A first dolmen was found, then, in the centre, the main burial vault surrounded by approximately 15 graves.


It contained various funerary objects, whose majority is now exhibited in the Prehistoric Museum of Carnac.


It is now closed to the public because of work to rebuild its structures but it is possible to climb safely to access to the chapel of Saint Michel and its calvary located at the top.


From there, you can enjoy the exceptional view of the bay of Quiberon and its islands.


Hikers friends, you will find at near the tumulus, a footpath that will take you to other sites megaliths: alignments of Kermario and Menec.

© tiphaine larchey - tumulus st michel - carnac

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