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The Alignments of Carnac

Carnac is famous for its megaliths. This site is considered the largest in the world. These alignments are fascinating, even beyond their historical or scientific worth.


The most accepted theory about the meaning of the alignments is that the lines of menhirs are orientated in order to face the sunrises during the solstices and equinoxes. This theory also sets forth a tie between the layout of the stones and the celestial cycle.
Kermario, Kerlescan, Menec and others may be nothing other than a gigantic outdoor calendar ...

Also discover the highest menhir in the region (6 meters): the Manio Giant, located between Kerlescan and Kermario, close to a group of small menhirs called « Manio Quadrilateral ».

The Korrigan Legend:

Discreet, helpful or facetious elfin, the Korrigans live in group.
These mischievous human-like elves like to gather in the moonlight by the alignments of Carnac, where they are also called Kerions.

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