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The Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan: one of the most beautiful bays in the world

Peaceful haven, the Gulf of Morbihan with a mild and sunny climate, opens on the Bay of Quiberon by a narrow passage between Locmariaquer and Port Navalo. The waters of the ocean that enter the Gulf, have created over thousands of years, a true archipelago, a unique place where land and sea mingle.
The Gulf of Morbihan is part of the Club of the most beautiful bays in the world.


The islands of the Gulf of Morbihan

According to the legend, "the small sea" would include as many islands as days in the year ... The Gulf actually shelters only forty of which about thirty are inhabited.

In the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, two larger islands form a common: the Island of Arz and Île-aux-Moines.
Many shipping companies offer you access from Locmariaquer, Vannes, Port Blanc ...
In a few minutes by boat, it is the change of scenery guaranteed! Old villages with narrow streets and fishermen's houses, pine forests and hills covered with heather, beaches and coves ...
And many coastal trails that allow you to discover its islands in peace on foot or by bike!


The Gulf Tour by Cruise Boat

The discovery of the Gulf of Morbihan during a boat cruise is also a magical moment as the colors and landscapes vary depending on the tides, the times of the day or the vagaries of time.
Annotated cruises, with or without stopover and by day, as well as lunches or dinner cruises are offered by several companies.



The week of the gulf

Every two years, during the week of the climb, the Gulf of Morbihan is the meeting place for old ships and traditional boats from all over Europe. During this great maritime festival, called the week of the Gulf, more than 1000 sailboats sail on the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan and Quiberon Bay. The show is also held in the many ports of the Gulf which host the flotillas of sailboats, boats of prestige and great European heritage vessels: exhibitions, visits aboard tall ships, balls and concerts, traditional music and dance, shows, restaurants, entertainment for children ...
Parades bringing together all the prestigious yachts and flotillas open and close this unique nautical week: it is a fabulous show to follow from the tips of the coast and the coastal paths.

Shipping companies - cruises and tour of the Gulf of Morbihan:

Vedettes Angelus
Compagnie du Golfe
Izenah croisières
Passeur des îles

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